Suck it Up & Sit Still

So…full disclosure, I am kind of a hard ass for a meditation teacher. What can I say…sometimes my South Jersey shows! In every class I teach, I begin with one particularly intense instruction that makes my students inevitably wriggle with discomfort. I tell my students to sit completely still for the whole practice, no matter…

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Is Your Yoga Nidra Teacher Trained?

Is Your Yoga Nidra Teacher Trained? Because of the systematic nature of this technique and its use as a healing modality for conditions ranging from addiction to PTSD, it is important to ensure your teacher has been formally trained to teach Yoga Nidra. Yoga Teacher Trainings do not prepare students to teach the practice –…

A New Approach To Anxiety - Energetic Transformation

A New Approach To Anxiety

If you regularly suffer from severe anxiety, you probably refer to yourself as ‘having anxiety.’ Perhaps you even hold back from putting yourself in certain situations for fear that you might ‘get anxiety.’ Like it is a life-threatening disease, rather than a difficult emotion. You might find yourself saying to a friend, ‘I can’t drive…