I had no idea what to expect when I first took Yoga Nidra class with Hilary. The practice of letting go is quite simple and accessible, and the effects were far beyond what I could anticipate. Over time, core feelings and beliefs revealed themselves, and I discovered a deeper life than I would have believed. The gift of Yoga Nidra keeps giving. Hilary’s guidance and integrity led me to trust her to train me to faciliate the practice for others. Her knowledge and passion are without limit. And I am happy to see her training course has been extended a day, as there is such an abundance of material, scientific, biological, spiritual and psychological, that I wanted more — and still do. If the practice has not already changed your life, the teachings in training will. Hilary and Gyanbindu prepared me so well that when I was thrown in “ashram-style” the very next day after the training concluded to lead a class of 30, I felt ready to do so. I have regularly taught since, for individuals, classes and corporate clients and still feel fully supported months after training ended. I am beyond grateful for the gifts of wisdom shared.

Thank you Hilary & Gyanbindu — the discoveries continue.


Yoga Nidra Teacher Training deepened my practice in a way that I can’t fully explain. This training empowered me to get into the driver’s seat in my life and not be a slave to my body and mind. Yoga Nidra dramatically changed my relationship to chronic pain and has helped me sleep more deeply than I ever thought possible. In addition, this training provided thorough and well rounded teachings on the lineage, the science behind the practice, and how to facilitate the experience itself. This training equipped me very well to guide this practice effectively. 

Orlee Klempner
I randomly signed up for Hilary’s Monday night Yoga Nidra class at The DEN in Studio City, without knowing anything about her or the practice. The next morning I couldn’t believe how rested and refreshed I felt. As someone living with a chronic autoimmune illness, and constantly feeling exhausted,  this felt like a miracle! I contacted Hilary and immediately signed up for Yoga Nidra teacher training.
I am so incredibly grateful for the teacher training program that Gyanbindu and Hilary have created. They poured their heart and soul into a 90+ hour program, covering every detail possible and guiding us every step of the way. Yoga Nidra has become an essential part of my self-care and recovery. I am extremely excited to share this healing practice with others also suffering from chronic illness.
Yoga Nidra Teacher Training with these two very special ladies has been one of the best experiences of my life and I look forward to continuing my studies with their advanced training and deepening my practice even more.
Christina Marquez Hounanian

Hilary and Gyanbindu’s Yoga Nidra Training was honestly a life-changing experience for me. I am not a yoga teacher or meditation teacher. I was drawn to the training because I am a nurse and want to figure out how to incorporate meditation into medical practice, and I really liked Hilary’s Nidra classes at The DEN. I found that they helped me sleep better, and my husband noticed that I was a calmer and happier person when I took her class. So, knowing almost nothing about the structure and history of the Yoga Nidra practice, I signed up for the training. I am incredibly happy that I did. I learned a lot about myself and my habits, and this was an opportunity to really delve into my own intentions and my needs for self-care. This was also my first introduction to some of the main tenets of yoga and meditation, and they were all presented clearly and beautifully. Hilary and Gyanbindu have a beautiful team teaching style that takes the needs (and attention span) of the specific class into consideration. Learning to teach the practice is almost tangential, for me, to the other benefits that I received from this training such as being calmer and more present in my own life. I highly recommend it; treat it like a vacation, a retreat of self-awareness, and a wonderful educational experience all wrapped in one.

Jacqueline Moses

This is an amazing, comprehensive training! Hilary and Gyanbindu are both masterful teachers, and they generously share the wealth of their knowledge and experience with utmost integrity and joy. Covering everything from Yoga Nidra’s ancient tantric roots to modern day science and applications, you will leave inspired, supported, and with the tools to guide others in this wonderful practice. Since completing the Immersion and Certification, I have been teaching Yoga Nidra regularly and was fully prepared to do so through this training.

Harmony Goodman

I was a part of the first Yoga Nidra training Hilary and Gyanbindu led and I couldn’t have been happier with the experience. Their knowledge was of the highest quality and they were very organized but also had a flexibility with the material to go deeper into areas that our specific group needed. Their honesty, intelligence and compassion were guiding lights through the training and the lessons I learnt in the training have impacted me greatly in my life. Furthermore I have been teaching Yoga Nidra regularly since the training and felt fully prepared to do so by the end of the training. I am proud to have the both of them as my teachers.

David Miller

This Yoga Nidra Training changed my life. It is a deeply transformative practice that will give you tools to not only release deeply-held stress, but also tools to reshape your life from the inside out. This practice is for everyone and as a teacher, it is an amazing technique to be able to offer clients. If you are not a teacher, taking this course, will be a magnificent journey into a deeper understanding of yourself and how to transform your life.  Not only did I deepen my meditation practice and understanding of myself, but through studying Nidra, I learned more about the art of meditation itself and how to present an effective practice in all forms. With their rich and varied backgrounds and years of experience in Bihar School of Yoga lineage, both Hilary and Gyanbindu complement each other as teachers and present this technique in a clear, understandable, fun and inspiring way. I have no background in teaching Yoga, and I left this course with the ability to teach Yoga Nidra. You will walk away wanting to share Yoga Nidra with the world. The applications to serve with this practice are limitless. I highly recommend this course to everyone!!

Lauree Dash

Over the past number of months, Hilary has been my teacher and guide in various capacities: She’s been one of my teachers and co-developers of the 1st ever teacher training program at The DEN Meditation, she’s expertly guided me through numerous guided meditations via drop in classes and has been a mentor throughout my journey of transformation. Hilary is incredibly knowledgeable, fascinatingly articulate and has clear respect and passion for meditation, specifically and becoming a better human, in general. She 100% embodies her teachings and I trust her completely, because she lives what she’s passing on.

Lauren Armstrong
Life Coach

At age 56, the idea of embarking on a meditation practice seemed akin to following the mystical New Age practices that emerged in the 1970s. I had no interest and anyone who praised the benefits of meditation only provoked my cynicism. Then my husband – perhaps the most cynical person I know – signed us up for a mindfulness meditation course at UCLA. Our instructor introduced us to The DEN, where I met Hilary, and have been coming nearly daily for a over a year. Hilary clearly lives a deeply spiritual life, but never pushes her beliefs on her clientele. Instead she shares practical techniques for calming the mind and remaining in the present, without layering every thought with a complex, anxiety provoking story. She is incredibly wise about the human condition, and while she takes her practice and the teachings very seriously, she never takes herself too seriously. You will learn this the first time you hear her engaging, raucous laugh!

Joanne Valli-Meredith
Higher Education Consultant

Hilary is incredibly inspiring with her dedication and profound respect for the practice. She creates a more than accessible experience for the student. It has been an honor learning under her within the DEN’s Teacher Training and look forward to learning under her again. It is a privilege to be able to call her my teacher.

Orlee Klempner
Yoga Teacher

I never imagined I could enter such a deep state of meditation in a group class. Yoga Nidra with Hilary is consistently an astounding experience for me. I am able to get to a place that is unlike any of the meditations I have done in the past. I feel such a sense of clarity, peace, and insight after this class. I highly recommend trying this with Hilary!

Be Solomon
Fitness & Wellness Pro

I just finished the Teacher Training at the DEN Meditation and I was really lucky to have Hilary as my teacher. Her warmth, generosity and passion are really inspiring. The material was very serious, but she made it such a joy to learn it with her and her wonderful giggles. Her knowledge and love for meditation are immense and she shares them through her teachings. She is my inspiration. With Gratitude and Love, thank you!

Randa Haffar
TT Student

Hilary is one of the most authentic teachers of our times. Her dedication toward her craft is impeccable. You will be refreshed, inspired, and rejuvenated after a private session with her or a meditation class.

Chandresh Bhardwaj
Spiritual Advisor & author of 'Break the Norms'

I have studied under Hilary in the DEN’s 400-Hour Meditation Teacher training and I’ve practiced with her at The DEN Meditation and via the Insight Timer app. I highly recommend her accessible and modern approach to self-transformation.  Hilary is a very systematic, insightful & encouraging teacher, a caring soul with a playful sense of humor!  As a teacher, Hilary inspires me and as a practitioner, Hilary’s approach helped me alleviate insomnia and reduce stress through consistent practice of Yoga Nidra AND further develop stillness in practice and increase overall wellness through Body Steadiness.

Wendy Caldwell
Executive Director

Sleep class is the best possible form of relaxation.

Eleanora Grousman
Senior Programmer Analyst

Such a wonderful practice. Truly life changing. I’ve been attending Yoga Nidra Sleep Class for over a year. I look forward to this all week, every week. I just wish it was offered daily.

Yolanda Otañez
Executive Assistant

This is an essential part of my week for balance, relaxation and grounding. It makes a huge difference in my energy and focus.

James Smith
Senior Digital Specialist

Sleep Class is such an important part of my week. I look forward to being rejuvenated each time I come. It has such an amazing impact on my overall wellness.

Karla Augustine
Senior Compliance Advisor

OMG! So amazing! Hilary’s Sleep Class is my favorite wellness class of the week. It brings such a sense of peace and relaxation to my busy week.

Priscilla Colmenero
Marketing Specialist

Hilary’s Sleep Class resets my entire day…

Roland Palencia
Community Benefits Executive Director

Meditation is a conscious choice to accept the present moment, exactly as it is. – Hilary Jackendoff

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Hilary is so warm and loving and open it is hard not to be instantly fond of her. Her classes are always so accessible and enjoyable that they have quickly become a staple in my daily life. Even after just a couple of months of taking classes with Hilary, I feel completely hooked. I can’t imagine a time when that isn’t an option for me! Hilary is absolutely awesome.

David Witts