Sleep Class

My primary corporate wellness offering, Sleep Class, strikes a balance between a power nap and a deep meditation. Sleep Class Meditation, as its name suggests, is practiced from a lying down position, making it the ultimate beginner-friendly meditation. Although all workplace meditations will have their benefits, my signature technique immediately solves all the most common problems corporate employees face: stress, anxiety, headaches, physical tension, mid-day fatigue and brain fog, irritability, jet-lag, high blood pressure, and chronic sleep deprivation. Sleep Class is better than a cup of coffee, and better than a nap. It is both energizing and relaxing, physiologically and mentally. Coming out of a 25-35 minute practice, you will feel amazing – like you slept deeply for 2-3 hours, but without any post-nap grogginess. Learn More

Yoga Nidra

Although commonly known as a ‘deep relaxation meditation,’ Yoga Nidra is actually an ancient form of Tantric meditation, as well as a recognized Complementary Alternative Medicine shown to be beneficial in treating anxiety, insomnia, chronic fatigue and PTSD. Through a highly specific series of stages, this powerful guided meditation systematically releases stored physical, emotional and mental tensions. Yoga Nidra brings about a deep state of relaxation on every level, leading to increased energy, mental clarity and improved sleep quality.

Private Yoga Nidra sessions are recommended as needed, usually between once to three times per week, depending on whether Yoga Nidra is being used as a general wellness tool or as part of a treatment plan for a specific condition. Learn More

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Hillary Jackendoff Teenagers College Zen Test Prep

Zen Test Prep

In 2014, the American Psychological Association’s Stress in America survey found that college-bound teenagers experience higher levels of stress than their parents do. A growing body of research has shown that working harder, and even working smarter, does not guarantee a higher score. Positive psychology, mindfulness, and cognitive neuroscience have begun to take their rightful role in university research labs.

So I have combined forces with test prep expert Joshua Eckhaus to create Zen Test Prep, an education program for teens based in neuroscience, performance psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, meditation, and breath work. Learn More

Anxiety Alchemy

Anxiety disorders affect approximately 40 millions adults in America, making it an extremely common phenomenon. Luckily, is also extremely treatable!

Alchemy is defined as a ‘process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way.’ In guiding clients through anxiety management programs, I help facilitate a form of internal alchemy, an energetic transformation – a shift from anxiety to peacefulness…hence, Anxiety Alchemy!

The goal of this program is not to eliminate your anxiety, but to teach you how to peacefully and consistently meet this energetic state with a variety of mind-body techniques that work for you. Learn More

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Chakra Balancing

The body’s 7 main subtle energy centers are called chakras. Whether or not you believe that we have spinning vortexes of prana along our spinal column, the chakras serve as an accessible entry point to what is known in yoga, as our subtle body. In other words, it is easy (even for a beginner) to develop a deep awareness of these areas, physically and energetically. Through developing a relationship with the chakra system, and learning to work systematically within it, we receive the information we need to understand our physical, emotional and mental patterns of experience, thus gaining the necessary wisdom that allows us to begin the process of transformation. Chakra Balancing sessions are ideal for experienced students of meditation and yoga. Learn More

Private Sessions

True healing occurs when we bring all levels of a person’s being into balance. Move beyond stress, illness and discomfort to live life to your fullest expression. Heal and rebalance your physical body, energy, mind and emotions. Transform and release stress, anxiety and tension. Gain increased connection with your true self to uncover wellness and joy at new levels.

Ongoing customized private sessions are the most beneficial route to achieving lasting physical, mental and emotional balance and would be tailored to your individual needs and goals. Learn to Meditate sessions and Deepen Your Practice sessions are also available. Learn More

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