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Anxiety Alchemy

Anxiety disorders affect approximately 40 millions adults in America, making it an extremely common phenomenon. Luckily, is also extremely treatable. Mental health professionals agree that relaxation techniques are an effective treatment method for most anxiety disorders. In fact, a number of research studies have shown that meditation significantly contributes to anxiety relief.

Alchemy is defined as a process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way. In guiding you through a series of private anxiety management sessions, I will help you learn to transform an experience of anxiety to a state of embodied peacefulness.

Self-Inquiry and Healing

Anxiety Alchemy sessions will help you use the anxiety energy as a tool for self-inquiry. It is hugely important to remember that you cannot heal what you cannot see. Through our work together, you will start to see the limiting core beliefs at the root of your anxiety, as well as the various triggers and fears that may reside in your subconscious, while exploring highly specific Yogic and Tantric techniques that resonate with your personal anxiety management needs.

I want you to get to know anxiety, as an emotion and as you experience it. I want you to know what it feels like for you, how it arises in your body, how it affects your breath, and what kinds of thoughts trigger it, or are triggered by it. Ultimately, I want you to become an anxiety expert!

Anxiety Alchemy sessions will not necessarily eliminate your anxiety, as it is a normal human emotion that arises from time to time. Instead, I will teach you how to peacefully and consistently meet this energetic state with curiosity and love. Through this new attitude, you will learn to consciously transform the anxiety, using a variety of mind-body techniques that work for you. During a progressive series of private sessions, I will guide you through practical, ancient techniques designed to quickly and safely calm the nervous system.

We will focus on calming you on every level through nurturing yoga poses, tranquilizing breath work, deep relaxation and several different Tantric meditation practices.

Over the course of these sessions, you will receive tangible techniques of yoga and meditation to call upon as anxiety or stress arise in your daily life, outside of our sessions. It’s important to remember that relaxation is a learned skill. As you become skilled in the art of relaxation, your sleep quality will improve, you will gradually begin to experience higher levels of emotional and mental balance, and anxiety will no longer rule your life. YOU will be the master of your emotions and your mind.

Anxiety Alchemy packages are offered in packages of 8 or 16 sessions, with sessions occurring once or twice a week, depending on scheduling availability.

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