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Chakra Balancing

The body’s 7 main subtle energy centers are called chakras. Whether or not you believe that we have spinning vortexes of prana along our spinal column, the chakras serve as an accessible entry point to what is known in yoga, as our subtle body. In other words, it is easy (even for a beginner) to develop a deep awareness of these areas, physically and energetically.

Through developing a relationship with the chakra system, we receive the information we need to understand our physical, emotional and mental patterns of experience, thus gaining the necessary wisdom that allows us to begin the process of transformation.

When working with the chakras, strong experiences can arise, as impressions from the subconscious and unconscious mind are released. For this reason, it is important to work in a systematic way, under the guidance of a qualified teacher.

Gain Physical and Psychic Awareness

Over the course of these systematically designed sessions, you will gain physical and psychic awareness of each chakra. In addition to learning about the philosophy and mythology of each chakra, you will also have the opportunity to explore the chakras on a practical and psychological level so you can gain access to how these subtle and how these subtle energy centers affect your relationship to yourself, others and the world around you.

Through specific and powerful combinations of mantra, asana, breathwork, meditation, mudra and bandha, you will explore the chakras in relationship to your daily life and gain access to our higher patterns of consciousness.

In addition to helping you develop a deeper level of self-awareness, and self-knowledge, the practices taught in these sessions are designed to sensitize you to the presence of subtle energy in the body, thereby preparing you for more advanced meditation techniques.

Benefits Of Balancing The Chakras

When you use the chakras as a roadmap to self-transformation, you begin to see how your instinctive patterns of behavior and the circumstances of your life play out in relation to these energy centers. By tuning in to and working with the chakra system, you can become sensitive to the strengths and weaknesses within your subtle body, which reside on the subconscious and unconscious level but which may affect our lives on the conscious level.

Sometimes we store our strongest emotions and fears within our body, suppressing that which we are not ready to confront. Often times, we can feel various emotions localized around their chakra points, which provides a news lens through which to view our emotions. Through Chakra Balancing sessions, you develop awareness of these emotions, what they feel like, where they come from and how to move past them, thus beginning the gradual process of transformation. For instance, many students may find that stomach issues, and poor digestion are, in fact, unresolved emotional issues. In this way, emotional issues that manifest as physical illness may be aided by Chakra Balancing.

In developing this awareness of the quality of energy and various experiences at each chakra, we also develop awareness of our behavior patterns and our conditioning. In order to ‘clear’ (or ‘balance’) the chakras, gain knowledge of and release old patterns of behavior, we commit to set periods (such as these 16 sessions) of ‘Chakra Sadhana,’ so we can create deeper levels of self-understanding and effectively reprogram ourselves, when necessary.

After completing these sessions, you will receive the option to continue on in your personal practice with a chakra based meditation.

Chakra Balancing Packages

Chakra Balancing sessions are offered as a package and are only available to experienced students of meditation or yoga. There are 16 sessions in a package, allowing time for full exploration of all 7 chakras. 2 sessions are dedicated to each chakra, with the final 2 sessions serving as ‘integration’ sessions. It is possible to share in this journey with a friend or partner, should you choose to share the cost.

Before beginning your Chakra Balancing sessions, please ensure that you have adequate time in your schedule to commit to this period of practice. Sessions can be done remotely, if travel is necessary during the 2 month period.

Availability of these sessions is limited.

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