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Private Sessions

True wellness occurs when all levels of a person’s being are brought into balance. We all know this, in our minds and in our hearts – and yet we continue to rush through our lives, taking little to no time for true self-care.

When we live this way for a long period of time, we exhaust our bodies, placing a heavy burden on our immune systems and draining our mental energy. This is how stress-related illnesses arise, ultimately leading to burn-out, and in the worst cases, clinical depression.

To be our best self and live our best life, we need to shift these old patterns and empower ourselves to discover our own true state of mind-body balance. It’s important to remember that there is no one-size fits all solution for wellness. We each need our own individual and sustainable strategy for holistic health and stress management. And sometimes we need some help figuring out how to create this…and how to live it. It is my job and deepest passion to guide people from stress and struggle to peace and flow.

I want to help you find your personalized wellness strategy and move beyond stress and discomfort to live the life you deserve. You will experience deep healing, as you rebalance your physical body, energy, mind and emotions. Learn how to transform and release stress, anxiety and tension, creating space for your true self to emerge. Shake off your old patterns and create new ones that serve you deeply, body and mind.

Personalized Holistic Wellness

Learn how to approach wellness as a lifestyle, not a luxury. Ongoing, customized private sessions will help you identify what a state of holistic wellness looks and feels like for YOU. Sessions will be tailored to your individual needs to help you meet your mind-body wellness goals and achieve lasting physical, mental and emotional balance.

Sessions are based on the principles of traditional Hatha Yoga and modern Yoga Therapy and include a range of practices based on your personal needs and ability. I will guide you through simple, but powerful yoga postures to ground you in your body and relieve aches and pains, beginner-friendly to advanced breath-work techniques, cleansing practices to clear energetic blockages and meditations designed to meet your mental or spiritual needs and goals.

During the busy week, prioritizing and maintaining this state of balance can be a challenge, but don’t worry! I will work with you to craft a short home practice that resonates with you, so you can empower your own wellness between our regular sessions.

I strongly encourage my clients to clearly articulate their needs and goals for these sessions so that I can best create a personalized plan that’s right for you.

Learn to Meditate

Meditation is incredibly simple, but can be quite overwhelming to approach as a beginner. You may have searched for some guided meditations online and found an abundance of recordings, but little of substance. You may have gone to a class at a yoga studio or your local Buddhist center with high hopes, only to walk out feeling like a frustrated failure. We’ve all read the blog posts and the wellness articles on Huff Post that say ‘Just follow your breath.’ If you’ve tried that ‘easy’ technique for a few minutes, it’s likely you became bored or lost in thought. While following your breath is a very powerful and very ancient method of meditation grounded in Buddhist philosophy and practice, it just never worked for me. Although it is viewed as a beginner friendly method, it is actually quite advanced. I was introduced to this method at a young age within the Buddhist tradition…and I felt like a total failure when I was unable to draw inward and settle my mind. Luckily I discovered Tantric meditation and the range of accessible techniques it provides.

All of the Tantric meditations I teach will settle the body and the mind, draw the attention deeply inward and provide you with a chance to connect to a higher quality of awareness. One may work better for you than another, on a particular day. I invite you to use our sessions as an opportunity to feed your curiosity, develop a sense of exploration and build a meditation toolkit that will carry you though many years of practice. These sessions will provide you with several different accessible techniques that feel natural and useful for you. Additionally, I teach what I like to call ‘functional breathwork.’ In addition to learning how you can shift your mental or energetic state quickly and safely, you will learn to use breathwork as a means deepen your meditation experience.

Skype sessions are available. 

Deepen Your Practice

Has your home practice hit a wall? Are you completely bored and no longer gravitating toward your meditation cushion? While sometimes our practice is incredibly boring (and this is definitely part of the meditation journey), sometimes you reach a natural conclusion to your exploration of a particular style of practice. Meditation is and should be a progressive experience. As you develop a regular practice, your awareness becomes more and more refined. As your awareness progresses, so too can your practice. There are many ways to take your practice to the next level and become even more attuned to the subtle layers of experience.

Skype sessions are available. 

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