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An Office Power Nap

My primary corporate wellness offering, Sleep Class, strikes a balance between a power nap and a deep meditation. Based on the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep), Sleep Class is the ultimate beginner-friendly guided meditation. Sleep Class Meditation, as its name suggests, is practiced from a lying down position, appealing to professionals at all levels of health and wellness…and especially to those at high levels of exhaustion!

Sleep Class is better than a cup of coffee, and better than a nap. It is both energizing and relaxing, physiologically and mentally. Coming out of a 25-35 minute Sleep Class Meditation, you feel like you slept deeply for 2-3 hours, but without any post-nap grogginess. Sleep Class quickly and effortlessly restores energy to the body and focused clarity to the mind.

Although all workplace meditations will have their benefits, my signature offering immediately solves all the most common problems corporate employees face: stress, anxiety, headaches, physical tension, mid-day fatigue and brain fog, irritability, jet-lag, high blood pressure, and chronic sleep deprivation. In addition to its effectiveness, it is unbelievably easy and beginner friendly.

Most of my mid-day corporate clients have never done any prior meditation. I’ve seen jet-lagged executives walk in exhausted and walk out refreshed. I’ve watched skeptics initially there just to earn corporate wellness credits show up week after week, never forgetting their cozy blankets and eye pillows. I hear regularly from my students, a mix of executives, IT professionals, and traveling consultants that Sleep Class days are their favorite days of the week. One woman told me that she walked out of the conference room after practicing for the first time feeling like she had just discovered the world’s greatest tasting ice cream – with zero calories!

Reboot & Refresh. A Quick Fix for Midday Fatigue

We’ve all experienced midday fatigue. For most of us, that sharp dip in energy and productivity is accompanied by an inability to focus, strong sugar and caffeine cravings and the desire to go hide under a desk and take a nap.

Although honoring that need for rest is the most healthy and most effective solution, hiding under a desk for a midday snooze is rarely a socially acceptable option! But this is actually what we need. We all know that sometimes the best solution for getting technology to function is to turn it off and turn it back on again. This holds true for the human brain too! Sometimes all we need is a quick reboot and refresh to keep powering through the rest of the day.

However, more coffee often seems like a more logical choice. Most of us enjoy a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, but when that mid-day dip in energy hits, reaching for a second or third cup does more harm than good. Excess coffee increases cortisol, elevates blood pressure, increases feelings of anxiety, increases heart rate and rate of respiration, and promotes insomnia. This coffee and adrenaline fueled option does not engender itself to high levels of productivity; rather, it simply creates the appearance of productivity.

Sleep Class provides a much better alternative to a jittery coffee overdose. In fact, it lowers cortisol levels, lowers blood pressure, slows the heart rate and the rate of respiration, decreases anxiety and insomnia – and increases dopamine production, the happiness hormone. If you ask me, it’s a way better way to get a hit of dopamine than checking our social media notifications!

Short term, it is a deeply restorative experience that results in a focused, calm energy that lasts for the rest of the day. All it takes is thirty minutes to ensure your employees will remain productive for the remaining 3-4 hours of the workday. Invest in rest and watch your stock rise.

More Information

Sleep Class sessions can be adapted to your employees’ needs. Sessions range from thirty minutes to an hour. Thirty minute sessions are ideal for a small team of busy executives who need a quick reset to help them power through the rest of the day. Longer sessions include some gentle stretching and the option to practice energizing or calming breath-work.

For larger groups, Sleep Class requires the use of an empty (table & chair free) conference room or a fitness center. No special clothing is required. Taking off your tie and kicking off your heels is encouraged, but not mandatory! Yoga mats and blankets are highly recommended, but not essential. Employees can bring their own yoga mats from home, or the office can provide a supply. I come to every session with up to 15 blankets, but I suggest bringing a cozy blanket from home for maximum comfort!

BYOB: #BringYourOwnBlanket

Other Offerings

I also offer mindfulness-based meditation practices (from a seated position, rather than lying), should they be more suitable for your office environment. I include the option to practice breath work to immediately calm or energize the body and mind.

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